If you’re scared of heights then grab a puke bag – because the boys and girls in Panama City have taken zip-lining to a new extreme by launching themselves down wires that span 2000ft!

The parachute-aided jump was all in aid of #Gearchallenge – a daredevil event sponsored by deodorant brand Speed Stick.

We reckon that a deodorant stick wouldn’t cut it for the amount of sweat we’d leak while jumping from a building this size – a couple of buckets and maybe some diapers might do the trick!

The film crew used this year’s most trendy gadget – GoPros cameras – as well as drones to capture the amazing footage.

Watch as one guy looses his glasses and another nearly crashes into a palm tree in this breathtaking stunt video (which of course has a Dupstep soundtrack).

Meanwhile, if you like extreme sports then go to FilmOn.com where there are hundreds of free live web TV channels to choose from – including X-Treme Sports (see bottom of this page).

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