Most single guys would probably jump at the chance of a date with a hot chick in a fast car.

But a hilarious prank video shows what can happen when you step into a car with a stranger, even if it’s a gorgeous blonde who’s sat a the wheel.

In a joke filmed on behalf of Ford Mustang, a number of single guys were invited to go for a spin with a great looking girl. What they weren’t told is that she was actually a professional stunt driver.

The girl pretends she has minimal experience of driving with gears and she makes a wrong turn into a massive, empty car park.

She then hits the accelerator and starts driving like a maniac! It scares the s*** out of the guys while she performs all sorts of crazy stunts. The men are left looking a bit hot and sweaty, but perhaps not in a way that they’d hoped for –  but hey, at least they got the ride of their lives!

The video, which you can see below, was originally released for Valentine’s Day and it has been notching up thousands of plays ever since. For more great footage go to, where there are loads of great clips to choose from.

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