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Whether you the league you chose was Yahoo or ESPN, no matter if the scoring method was PPR versus Touch Down only, or if you play in a Two Quarterback League instead of one that includes Individual Defensive Players, chances are your fantasy football playoffs begun this week, and chances are even higher that, if you started one of this week’s in a win or go home matchup you woke up Tuesday morning thinking, “maybe next year”. All scores listed are in standard scoring.

QB: EJ Manuel, 1 pt

7 sacks, four interceptions and just overall ineptitude againsta slightly-better-than-their-record Tampa Bay Buccaneer defense merits Dud status this week. If you somehow managed to make it to the playoffs with Manuel as your starter chances are you aren’t in any longer as he wasn’t able to give you even league average production this week.

RB: Reggie Bush, 0 pts
Those of you who have played football at any level have probably heard a reference to the “Turf Monster”, this fictional beast is responsible for tripping up wide open players when seemingly nothing else was in the way. This week Bush was a victim of the “Snow Monster” as he slipped and re-aggravated his injury, just in time for owners around the country to assume he was still starting. Bush came out of the tunnel dressed to play and proceeded to watch his backup get all the carries in a big game for the Detroit Lions.

RB: CJ Spiller, 4pts

From Stud to Dud in one week. Last week I deemed that Spiller might be back from the grave, this week shows that maybe he is probably a walker in need of a mercy killing from one of the Walking Dead cast. While last week was everything good about CJ this week was everything bad. If you managed to survive this outing it will be tough to roll him out there next week against a sneaky solid Jags front.

WR: Calvin Johnson, 4 pts

I feel dirty putting him here but the numbers don’t lie. In his worst performance since he was shadowed by Joe Haden in week 6, the usually bulletproof Megatron only registered 3 catches for 49 yards in blizzard like conditions. Still there is little excuse as everyone else was playing in the snow too. Don’t get too cute and even consider benching him if you were able to survive this stunning no-show.

WR: Pierre Garcon, 3 pts

Only the aforementioned Calvin Johnson has more targets, but its starting to seem like the Washington Professional Football Team is just having the season from Hell and Garcon will not be able to escape the muck and mire. In a game where they were behind the entire game you’d think there would at least be some junk time joy to be had here. Such was not the case and it might be time to sit him on the bench next to RG3.

TE: Brandon Pettigrew, 3 pts

It is looking like the Lions should be on the market for a game-changing tight end, with all of the attention drawn by Calvin Johnson it stands to reason that someone should be able to make a decent living underneath. That person is not Pettigrew who only had one catch this week in the frigid conditions, equaling his Week 13 output. This is a guy who you need to replace if you still have him starting.

D/ST: Raiders,  -1 pt
This was nowhere near the worst fantasy performance from a scoring standpoint this week, the Tennessee Titans took care of that versus the Manning-led Broncoes. This Dud performance is because in a week where a lot of good defenses were facing tough matchups a trendy steaming pick was the Raiders VS a struggling Jet offense. These guys let you down if you were say, a Carolina owner looking to avoid Brees, or a similar bad matchup.

K: Jay Feely, 2 pts

You’d expect a little more in a game where his team scored 30pts but 2 misses from range cost him and his owners valuable points.

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