Money maker Floyd Mayweather Jr continues to celebrate his famous win over Manny Pacquiao last month.

With the fight earning the pair mountains of cash, questions were raised as to how they were ever going to spend the money… but young Floyd is having no problems whatsoever.

He reportedly strolled into a strip club in Houston over the weekend and loaded up with $35,000 in singles. He proceeded to dish out the racks of cash to the lucky ladies – and of course he couldn’t do this by himself, so had his infamous ‘money team’ along to help. What a job!

If you thought his hands were fast in the ring, check out the video below where he shows his staggeringly quick technique. A new meaning for the term, ‘making it rain’.

Meanwhile whilst Floyd is lost in the world of booty, filling the panties of Houston strippers, his ex-opponent Manny has apparently  donated half his prize money (a whopping $40 million) to charity. A case where perhaps the best man didn’t win after all.

Manny saves lives. Floyd saves the stripping industry. Thanks guys.

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