Some men might choose to treat their wives to a nice bunch of flowers or perhaps a tasty box of chocolates. However, when you are Kanye ‘bonkers as goat’s milk’ West, you ponder treating your wife to the most iconic home in California – Wacko Jacko’s Neverland ranch.

Reports in the British press are quoting a source as saying that Kanye is “desperate” to buy the estate for his wife.

Ginger Clam cannot think of better new owners for the late King of Pop’s home than the Double K superstars.

The rapper is reportedly trying to haggle down the asking price to $85 million. It sounds like a bargain to us.

West has allegedly visited the famous estate many times and has fallen in love with the iconic nuthouse.

K and K clearly get bored easily, they’ve only just moved into a new $20 million home in the Hidden Hills, California.

The cash happy pair also have a home in New York. It’s a hard life.

Michael Jackson will be smiling down from the pearly gates at the thought of Kanye and Kim getting jiggy in his former pad. Perhaps the couple will find Macaulay Culkin under the bed.


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