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For those who don’t know, Brooklyn 99 is a comedy TV series with Andy Samberg that airs on Fox. The show hit the airwaves this past September and apparently, it’s good. So good, in fact, that the Golden Globes decided to award the show with best comedy series on television.

Twitter brought us everyone’s surprise, doubt and joy at the show’s big win, along with those who think the whole thing was a sham, because really, had anybody even heard of this show before?

Fans of the show hoped for a win, and sent threats over a possible loss.

Haters were quick to express their distaste that no one, not even Chris Christie, was safe from.


They also had no problem saying the entire win was a sham.

But for real fans of the show, the award was more than just your average victory.

With more than 700 retweets on this one, we’re thinking more people need to start watching the show.

This person seems to get it.

Check here to see if Fox is streaming on FilmOn in you area.

Comedy sketches are streaming on College Humor on FilmOn:

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