Skateboarding is traditionally a kid’s sport – so imagine the havoc it might cause if a wrinkly old grandpa decided to take it up.

Whereas you have activities such as old-boys football, you never see someone above the age of 60 skating. So professional skateboarder Danny Leon thought he’d see how people would react if he started showboating whilst dressed as an 80 year old.

In a prank video which has taken YouTube by storm, Danny and a group of genuine old-timers rocked up at a skate park full of youngsters.

As they engage in conversation with some of the skater dudes, they manage to convince one of them to lend his board to Danny, who looks extra fragile because he’s carrying a walking stick.

Danny starts of slowly with assistance from one of the kids, but all of a sudden he drops into the pit and off he goes.

The kids are absolutely shell-shocked as the old man pulls off some incredible tricks, including a backflip exit that he lands perfectly!

Watch the video below. meanwhile, go to for hundreds of free online TV channels. You can also see great pranks and live stunts at FilmOn’s anti-social network

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