Hollywood was rocking last night after news broke that more celebrity accounts have been hacked, revealing private photos and intimate moments.

The first series of leaked shots all feature actress Kelly Brook. The stunning Brit is featured posing naked on her bed.

Ginger Clam has been studying the images for hours. Purely for journalistic purposes, of course.

24 pictures hit the internet yesterday and Brook is said to be worried that others are set for release.

Further photos reportedly show her getting ‘cosy’ with ex-boyfriend David McIntosh.

The 4chan hacking scandal caused uproar in celebrity circles when it first started last year. Known as The Fappening, a succession of revealing photos were leaked online from breached iPhone accounts.

Kelly is dating ju-jitsu instructor Jeremy Parisis… Let’s hope he finds out who the hackers are and gets all Bruce Lee on their ass.

* You can keep up with latest developments at FilmOn.com, where there are free live TV news channels available via the web.

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