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Every once in a while a technological disaster strikes and the media loses their mind. That’s the case with heartbleed.

Heartbleed is an encryption code error in OpenSSL. OpenSSL is what many companies use for things that require online security, such as things with usernames and passwords like emails and online bank accounts, and things that require a credit card number. This flaw in the code means that when hackers attempt to find your information, they can read it easily when instead they should only be able to see gibberish.

All the fuss over heartbleed comes after it’s been a problem for two years and was only discovered and released to the public recently While many worry about your average hacker, others thing that it’s the NSA who’s the real concern, and still others are confused about what heartbleed actually is.

Better safe than sorry.

The bleeding heart logo has already found its way onto some t-shirts.

The what?

This is everyone’s real concern.

It really is a pivotal moment for AOL.

Just in case you were confused, it’s not a virus, it’s a gaping hole.

Apparently this guy, and many like him, is still confused.

And for those who are still wondering, Chris Carrabba has been working on this album title since 2003.

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