Extreme sports enthusiasts love to live on the edge by taking adrenaline pumping risks – but here’s one video that’s enough to scare the hell out of your average thrill-seeker.

Ace skier Cody Townsend who decided to take his sport to the next level by setting off down a narrow crevice separating a fractured peak of the Tordrillo Mountain Range in Alaska.

The Californian daredevil takes a few deep breaths before he sets off on the terrifying run. According to the man himself, it was 5 to 6 feet at its narrowest, leaving absolutely no margin for error as one wrong move could have proven fatal.

Townsend filmed the 30 second straight-line on his helmet – and there were also helicopters present and several other camera men.

Once he exits the crevice you can hear a scream of relief and it sounds as if he shouts ‘Holy f***’ as he celebrates defying death. His feat later won Best Ski Line of 2014 at the Powder Awards in Salt Lake City. Read more at The Boston Globe.

Watch the crazy stunt below and for more clips go to Battlecam.com – where there are thousands of great videos to choose from. If you love extreme sports then make sure you also check out the free X-Treme Sports channel at FilmOn.com

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