With the traditional Christmas feast of ham or turkey out of the way, here’s something a bit more exotic to tickle your tastebuds.

A puke-inducing video that’s surfaced on BattleCam and other video-sharing sites has caused a stir by showing a man putting a live tarantula and a snake in his mouth.

It might not sound like much of a festive snack, so you may wanna think twice before following the lead of this dude, who performed his stunt while sat next to a Brazilian flag.

The story was picked up around the world and appeared in several newspapers. Thankfully, the guy didn’t actually eat the squirming insect and reptile sandwich, but it’s still enough to make you retch!

For more amazing footage check out BattleCam.com – plus if you’re looking for great TV over the remainder of the holiday season then go to FilmOn.com – where there are hundreds of great free live web TV channels to choose from.

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