Oh dear, poor old Hugh Grant. The superstar is at the center of a sh**t-storm after a shocked dog owner blabbed to the press about Grant experiencing a very public meltdown.

Some guy called Justin O’Brien was walking his miniature schnauzer ‘Buddy’ yesterday in Chelsea, West London.

Poor Buddy needed to take a leak and, as God intended, the canine lifted his leg to let the joy out. What Buddy didn’t realise was that there was a Hollywood star angrily watching his squirty doggy ding dong.

O’Brien reveals that Grant then suddenly appeared and shouted that he was “sick and tired of s*** and p***” all over his street.

“I didn’t realise it was Hugh Grant at first,” said the dazed dog owner. “He was in a hoodie. When I asked, ‘Where should my dog p***?’ he replied ‘In the gutter’.

Which is where Grant’s career has been for the last ten years.

The poopping dog owner said: “I was a fan, but not anymore.”

We’re not sure what’s weirder, the incident or the fact the guy was a Hugh Grant fan in the first place.

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