Watch out, Jennifer Lawrence. Cookie Monster is giving you a run for your money and it’s the cutest thing ever. Even afterThe Hunger Games: Catching Fire opened to a November record-breaking $161.1 million, the Hollywood heroine is up against her fiercest competitor yet: Cookie Monster as Cookieness Evereat. Last week, Sesame Street aired The Hungry Games: Catching Fur, a Hunger Games: Catching Fire parody. Just as Katniss Everdean, Jennifer Lawrence’s character, was forced to compete for survival, Cookieness and her allies must figure out which foods to eat in order to win. She even rocks Katniss’ signature style, navigating the games with a dark brown wig and side braid over the blue fur. And who is Cookieness without her “Peeta,” played by a slice of pita bread, who is by her side every step of the way.

The video is packed with adorable puns and wordplay, sparking laughs among kids and grown-ups alike. Cookieness takes viewers through the jungle and unlocks the mystery behind pattern recognition using fruits and shapes. The parody borrows challenges from the film and gives them a lighthearted, child-appropriate twist. Rather than being attacked by ferocious monkeys, Cookieness and her friends encounter a group of colorful monkeys who repeatedly poke. The movie’s venom fog is simply “tickle fog” and spurs a giggle fest that warms even the blackest hearts. Together with Tick Tock Lady, Finnicky and Pita, the three of them overcome obstacles to –- Sesame Street spoiler alert –- win the Hungry Games for the second time.

DVR Sesame Street via FilmOn below.

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