Mick ‘top shagger’ Jagger is set to have yet another child and this time it’s with his current squeeze, Melanie Hamrick who’s a smoking hot ballerina.

According to The Sun the 72-year-old rock-star is said to be happy about the pregnancy – a sentence we never thought we’d say.

A source close to the ballerina said: “This is great news. It will be Mick’s eighth child and nothing fazes him. He’s been incredibly supportive … They are taking the news in their stride.”

Melanie is only 29-years-old, a mere 44 years younger than Mick, meaning he has kids a lot older than her … but who are we to judge, even if she does like wrinkly balls.

It truly is an incredible feat for the Rolling Stones showman… most people his age are picking out a second hand zimmer-frame whilst Jagger is still humping the hunnys – what an inspiration!

Congratulations from us all at the Ginger Clam HQ’s, we reckon Mick will be a pretty cool dad, even if he is an old fart.

Lets just hope it’s not twins like his old wrinkly rocker mate, Ronnie Wood.

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