Allred Bloom & Girardi blamed for bullying tactics on Rita Nichols!

See why this Woman brings a birthday cake to Alki David one  month after the alleged rape with vicious doberman standing by.The Lawyers Did It!

Jane Doe whose real name is Rita (Marguerita) Nichols has moved to Lebanbon in the Middle East. Not Georgia,

The next day after the alleged brutal rape – Rita Nichols sent me this WhatsApp message.

I had not messaged Rita the day after we had consensual sex. I was mending my relationship with my long time girlfriend with whom I was separated for a week during the time of the alleged incident.

Jane Dough aka Rita Nichols brings me a birthday cake

one whole month after she claims that I

“brutally raped her with vicious doberman standing by”

A doberman who was dying from enlarged heart disease and two months later was dead.

Rita Nichols walked that dog almost daily for years. Usually in heel carrying coffee of Canon drive.

Over two years I have personally suffered shame and extraordinary disrepute because of these false and allegations that would only ever have been brought against me by unscrupulous and criminally minded like Tom Girardi – Tom Girardi like the rest of his now well known syndicate of Girardi Judges and Lawyers using Legal Thuggery to traffic and extort the innocent.

Below is a call log on Carl Dawson’s phone – Mr Dawson is Rita’s old boss at FilmOn and who reported to me directly.

I have sent several text message to her recently, as she has still left her WhatsApp number connected to mine. Strange how this woman who claims I “forcibly and brutally raped” her still has her phone connected to me three years later. Why is that? Both my US and UK cellphone numbers remain connected.

Here is a WhatsApp message Rita Nichols sent the day after the supposed rape allegation. A red heart. My response “was hot”. I admit here that I lied. I couldn’t tell her that being with her made me realize how much I loved my long time girlfriend who I was apart from and I wanted to just fix things with her.

One week after alleged rape. Below are the next set of WhatsApp message from Rita to me. She asks about payment for the other crew who worked the Hologram theater. This is just a week after the alleged brutal rape with vicious doberman standing by.

I make immediate payment by PayPal and on asking her about her payment she says – don’t worry about me. A week goes by and she messages me again “I miss you”

Five weeks after the aledged rape Rita Nichols is sending me love message like “I miss you”

I have learnt to call women bitches as well as men. I’m, not crazy about it but its a colloquial must in dealing with these bitches.

First – Jane Doe – why is she anonymous? Like I don’t know it’s Rita Nichols making the claims. The same woman who I promised our mutual departed friend I would look out for after his death. I did look after her. I employed her almost exclusively over a period of five years.

Most days in the office Rita would walk my dear departed Doberman (at least 100 times), Vader (in heels) up and down Canon Drive in Beverly Hills. She would also go shopping for coffee whilst walking him. Rita was not afraid of the dog that she would later complain was, menacing and threatening whilst I forcibly raped her. That’s what her Civil complaint says. That the presence of the dog made her freeze in terror. What a complete load of shit.

Well Rita finally decided to come clean. She called her old boss Carl Dawson at that time who reported to me at FilmOn. One minute after I messaged her on WhatsApp she was on the phone to him.

Below is my message to Rita Nichols just last week. The first message in two years since I spoke or communicated with her.

Rita and her old boss Carl Dawson remain friends today, as does Carl with me. And it is Carl to whom I am thankful for sharing these communications.

I can tell you that Gloria Allred, her daughter Lisa Bloom and her Uncle like figure Tom Girardi have wholly concocted this wholly systemic form of extortion. Until now.

I messaged her that I hoped she would do the honorable thing and come clean.

I also shared this article with her picture on the cover along with accusing Gloria Allred for being Tom Girardi’s alter ego, for over 50 years.

Rita claims her husband and best friend raped her on the same day. I don’t know her husband or his best friend.

I do know that Rita was unhappy in her marriage to this illegal Lebanese man with whom I suppose she has returned to Lebanon with. In-shallah bitch.

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