Ginger Clam has some excellent news for Tiger Woods, all the fading star needs to is to get a pair of breasts and he will return to golfing glory. Or so Caitlyn Jenner’s experience would seem to suggest.

In an extraordinary interview published this weekend, Jenner reveals that her new love-puddings have improved her golf skills.

‘When people ask me about my new life as a woman, they always ask the same question about my golf game: “Are your breasts going to get in the way?” ’ she revealed, balls in hand.

‘The answer is no, my game is still really good. And to be honest, the breasts are really good for putting.’

Ginger Clam presumed she now hits the balls with her hairy nips. Alas, not…

‘I used to put a sock under my arm to help keep my arms straight, but now I don’t have to do that any more because I can hold my arms against my breasts, so it’s perfect.’

Mmm, delightful.

Ginger Clam would like to invite Tiger Woods for some breast shopping, we could pick out a great new pair and then stop for a quick latte. Tigress Woods has such a nice ring to it.

Caitlyn has no regrets about her transformatiom.

‘This woman who I am now has lived inside me for all of my life, but Bruce is inside me, too,’ she says.

Ginger Clam doesn’t have a clue what that means, but as long as her boobs and balls are working in sync then we couldn’t be happier.

In the meantime, take your hands off your balls and head straight to where there are hundreds of free TV channels to watch. 

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