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Johnny Manziel — or “Johnny Football” as the college football nation has nicknamed him — was hoping to be the first pick taken in the 2014 NFL draft and go to his hometown Houston Texans.

Instead, the star Texas A&M quarterback found himself drop out of the top ten, and into spot 22, going to the Cleveland Browns. Manziel did his infamous money gesture with his two hands as he headed to the stage.

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With his superb athleticism and ability to make big plays with his arm and feet, Manziel joins a list of new hybrid quarterbacks that can hurt defenses several ways. QB’s like Colin Kapernick, Cam Newton, Michael Vick, Tim Tebow, are just a short list of guys that have been able to awe fans by being dual threats.

There are still several questions regarding Manziel: his height, arm strength, and most importantly, how will he handle his off-the-field flashy lifestyle as a professional quarterback in the NFL?

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Even though the Heisman winner has been key in Texas A&M winning games, he has also been faced with controversy during his tenure there. Being paid to sign autographs (a big no-no to the NCAA), photographs of him drinking in the club while he was still not of age, and already taking on a celebrity of his own while in school.

Is Manziel destined for stardom, or will he be a bust within a few years?

Even though I’m impressed with him athletically and what he can do at the quarterback position, I don’t see him doing that in the NFL. Tack on him going out and his party lifestyle, that’ll slow down his learning curve even more.

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I do think he could make a decent professional player, but I don’t think he will be because of the choices he makes. Only one way to find out — to see. And see we shall…
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