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Seth Rogen is continuing to expound the least controversial opinion currently held by anyone in the whole world by rallying against tween girl idol Justin Bieber.

The film star made his attitude toward Bieber pretty clear back in January when the latter was arrested on suspicion of DUI with a loud and clear tweet:


According to Entertainment Tonight, Howard Stern asked Rogen about the first time he met Bieber, to which the 32-year-old actor responded, “The kid’s a dick. He’s a good example of someone you meet, who you think you’re going to hate him, and then you get to hate him as much as you thought,” adding, “You meet him, and he meets up to every one of your [bad] expectations of how you hope he will be.”

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Apparently, Bieber wanted to meet Rogen while they were both set to appear on a German TV show. The rest, as they say, is very recent history. “So I went outside to meet him and he was acting like I asked to meet him! It was very nonchalant, ‘Yo man. ‘Sup,’ and I’m like, ‘What the f***, I don’t want to meet you. Don’t act all nonplussed to meet me. I didn’t want to meet you! I was totally cool not meeting you, but I was like, fine, I wouldn’t have said anything, I was like, ‘Aye, he’s a bit of a motherfucker.’ He’s young, the kid’s a dick.”

Rogen also recounted his second experience of meeting “the kid” at an MTV Awards ceremony, saying: “He literally had a snake wrapped around his f***ing wrist that he was wearing. I was like, ‘what the fuck?’ And I talked to him for like five minutes and I just remember thinking, ‘F*** this kid.'”

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Since then, Bieber has responded, tweeting:

TL; DR: Seth Rogen doesn’t like Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber has no command of basic English grammar. The world continues to turn.

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