Money trumps class, thus Rob ‘I’m the one with the pregnant stomach’ Kardashian and Blac ‘accidental holes in condom’ Chyna have reportedly secured a TV deal for their newly formed cell collection.

Don’t let the news surprise you, Clam fans, a foetus has more personality than most of the adult members of the Kardashian clan.

The pregnancy test may still be wet, but the bucks are already flowing.

‘Chyna and Rob Kardashian have been talking with the network that made the K family a household name – E! – and we’re told the project is on the fast track,’ a source (probably the foetus’s agent) told TMZ.

‘The couple ain’t gonna come cheap,’ revealed the source. ‘We’re told the numbers being thrown around are in the 7-figure range.’

Perhaps Blac will be clever and hoist the camera crew up her cha cha to start filming the foetus before it pops out? Nothing is private in Kardashian World.

Rumours that the foetus is already in negotiations about selling the rights to its own future children’s lives are yet to be confirmed.

Ginger Clam is intrigued about what the couple will call their baby, it is hard to top ‘Blac Chyna’. Perhaps ‘Yellow Yugoslavia’?

Or they could follow the example of Kimye and North West and name their child after a direction, Down The Toilet has a nice ring to it.

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