It looks like Kelly Clarkson forgot that Christmas comes after Halloween. The pop star released her new holiday album, Wrapped in Red, on Oct. 29 before our Jack-o-lanterns even had a chance to rot. For a preview, check out Clarkson’s Vevo channel to hear two of the jingle-singles.

Wrapped in Red is due to become part of a longtime tradition of celebrity Christmas albums where singers try to put their own spin on classic holiday tunes so desperately that it makes us dizzy. Celebs change tempos, make remixes, and try to write the next contemporary Christmas classic. Why do we let them do this? Because it’s entertaining!

You too can sing holiday songs like a pop star. Here are our top three tips on making Christmas songs your own. Think of it as our early (very early) gift to you:

1. Slow it down. Whether it’s “Jingle Bells” or “Joy to the World”, make it sweet and solemn for a stocking full of diva attitude. Treat each syllable as its own word and hold each note as long as you possibly can. Don’t be afraid to take breath in the middle of “Eeee – Maaaaan – Uuuuuu – Eeeeel.” This is YOUR version of the song. Do what you want!

2. Speed it up. Who said Silent Night can’t have a hoppin’ beat? As a stay-at-home pop star, it is your job, nay, your duty, to reinvent the Christmas spirit. Try a simple step-touch to judge whether or not your version is upbeat enough. Perhaps take it a step further and see if you can rap “Frosty the $nowman”.

3. Write a new one. Pick your favorite thing about the holidays and roll with it. Lady Gaga wrote about her Christmas tree, Mariah Carey wrote about her Christmas list, and Adam Sandler added “–anukah” to the end of a bunch of words and his song was a huge hit! Where’s the holiday song about pumpkin pie, or about getting paper cuts when you wrap presents, or about how much you hate getting clothes that don’t fit? There is a place on The Christmas Greatest Hits of the 21st Century with your name on it!

Bonus Tip
Jingle Belt Rock: It doesn’t matter what the note is. It doesn’t even matter if it’s in key. Just go for volume and belt your bells off.

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