Here at Ginger Clam we’ve seen some pretty memorable internet pranks over the years.

Among those that come to mind are the guy who let rip with a blast of wet farts in a public library, Steve-O’s infamous fake penis gag and – of course – the runaway success of the Killer Clown series (see links below).

But in terms of the all-time most-watched classic pranks, one video that’s right up there as a contender is a little gem from internet joker FouseyTube.

The footage shows an unsuspecting pizza delivery guy who stumbles across what appears to be a couple of creepy killers who like to throttle their victims.

Of course, the ‘killers’ are just acting, but the reaction of the victim has attracted huge attention on social media.

The footage is slow to get going, but it’s run-up nearly 30 million views since first being posted 18 months ago – and it’s still going strong.

Is worth all the fuss? Judge for yourself by playing the footage below.

* Meanwhile if you like crazy shit head to, the anti-social network where there are thousands of great videos plus live interactive TV.

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