Taylor ‘dull like headache’ Swift will be feeling shaken up amid reports that an intruder was arrested yesterday trying to enter her LA home.

Neighbours noticed a strange man wearing fatigues and ‘acting suspiciously’ outside the singer’s mansion at 4pm local time yesterday.

The police were called and reportedly found the man ‘banging on the front gate of Swift’s mansion’. The crazy dude was shouting for Swift to come outside. Perhaps it was her boyfriend Calvin Harris, trying to get in after a drunk night out.

It is not known if Swift was at home at the time of the incident. Ginger Clam is really concerned that she was, because then she’ll probably inflict us all with a lame ass song about it.

The pale-faced warbler released a statement that said:

“This is why it’s irresponsible for the media to publish the addresses or recent real estate transactions of celebrities. This, or potentially worse, is the end result.”

The police detained the freaky dude. He has not been charged, but he is undergoing a mental health evaluation. It is probably safe to say he’s nuttier than a squirrel’s nut sack in autumn.

Don’t worry, Taylor, you’re safe. You could bore any intruder to death anyway.

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