Ginger Clam is devastated to report that Kim and Kanye are no longer setting records for bonkathon baby-making efforts.

Kim made recent headlines for boasting that her and her hubby were at it 500 times a day. Fans were worried that Kim’s vajayjay must look like Mike Tyson’s face after that battering. However, thankfully, Kim clarified that they were only at it 15 times a day. Her hymen is probably still intact then.

Now, Kim has revealed that the sex fest is over. A leading fertility doctor has warned her that too much sex is actually detrimental to getting up the duff.

“He said one time is more powerful,” Kim revealed. Apparently whoopee more than once a day can mean that ole Kanye’s baby syrup is weaker than required. The poor lad has been put on rations.

A source told nobody:

“Kanye is upset as he now is isn’t allowed into Kim’s lady garden during daylight or high tides”.

The bad news for Kanye is bad news for the rest of us – less time between Kim’s legs means more time making boring Kanye music.

Please let him back into the garden, Kim, the world needs your help.


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