Ginger Clam has been in a dark mood recently with Chris ‘beat my girlfriend up, buy my song’ Brown having a relatively quiet few months. Thankfully the little weener is back being the beautiful man we know and love.

Reports reach Clam HQ that police in the Spanish isle of Ibiza have been contacted over a disgusting scene left in a house the pop star rented last month.

According to a sensational police report, there was some royally bad behaviour. TMZ reports that ‘Chris or someone in his crew either threw knives at the wall or carved them up… the landlord says someone peed the bed and there was vomit everywhere.’

‘Vomit everywhere’ sounds pretty much like Brown’s career. The poor douche has had more bad press than Donald Trump’s pubic wig.

Apparently Chris rented the villa in Ibiza at the end of last month, the police reportedly got involved when the pop star had not left the property despite overstaying his welcome.

The landlord reportedly said Chris owed $26,000 in rent, and $60,000 to include damages.

Welcome back, Chris. We’ve missed ya.

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