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Let’s face it — boxing is not MMA and MMA is not boxing. One could also say, boxing fans are not like MMA fans and vice versa.

If the UFC were to put on one good fight on a pay-per-view card, many fans would not pay $54.95 to watch that from home. That’s why there are multiple fights on UFC cards that have names attached, are great matchups, and entertaining for fans.

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Boxing is much different. For years fans have shelled out money to wait for that last fight on the card, and the main event is usually the only event worthwhile. At $64.95, boxing fans have no problem paying to see mega-boxing stars perform un-der the lights, and Saturday’s fight will be no different.

Even though Floyd “Money” Mayweather’s (45-0) upcoming fight with (35-3) is not expected to break his highest grossing PPV fight in September against Canelo Alvarez — taking in a whopping $150 million with 2.2 million buys — the fight should still do really well, doing over a million buys and not solely based off of the main event.

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For the first time since I can remember, the card will have star power written all over it. The co-main event will feature welterweight contenders Amir Khan (28-3) taking on Luis Collazo (35-5), with the winner expected to win the “Mayweather Sweepstakes” and get a shot at him next; and Mayweather protege Adrien Broner (27-1) will face Carlos Molina (17-1-1), with both men coming off a loss. (Ironically both men they lost to are on the card, Maidana and Khan respectfully.)

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If waiting to see if Maidana aka “El Chino” would be able to use his power to drop Mayweather wasn’t good enough, the two other fights aren’t just solid, but would headline any other event.

Okay, so it’s not Mayweather vs Pacquiao, but this is a worthy card within itself and one could hope one day, maybe, just maybe the fight everyone has been wait-ing for will happen.

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