Ginger Clam’s fave little wildcat Miley ‘mighty nips’ Cyrus caused a storm today by posting an online selfie while lighting up what appeared to be a huge joint. Go girl!

Critics have slammed the star for the impact her behaviour could have on impressionable young fans. Blah blah blah.

Here is the star in bed enjoying her morning high (while Ginger Clam was under the covers feeding Miley’s beaver):

To remove any doubts about the content of the spliff, Miley captioned the picture with:

Breakfa$$$$$t iz $ervedddddd happy frieddddd day!

Spelling was never Miley’s strong point.

Maybe the sexpot was having a smoky treat to celebrate the last date of her Miley and Her Dead Petz tour. The little minx will be streaming that Los Anegeles performance live on Go90.

She revealed the news to her fans with this online message:

‘Gonna be streaming this b*tch #milkymilkymilktour #mileycyrusandherdeadpetz @ da LA show! Errrrrbody cummmmin dre$$ xtraaaaa fweakkkkky! Lots of glitter, onesies, zit cream, & rainbows! Come onnnnnn.’

Ginger Clam will be watching with a nice spliff and a roast turkey. Happy Crimbo, Miley!

* Watch great TV at, where there are hundreds of free channels to choose from – including Music Mix USA (playing below).

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