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Mitt Romney, the man who once could only come up with “the trees are the right height” as praise for the state of Michigan, is now the subject of a documentary that looks surprisingly entertaining.

A two-minute trailer was released for the forthcoming Romney documentary, called Mitt, which follows the Republican during his 2012 presidential campaign. The film, produced by Seth Gordon, who also produced the football documentary Undefeated, puts together six years of footage to tell the story of Romney’s rise and fall in the race. The documentary which was already slated to debut at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival was picked up by Netflix, who will make it available in late January.

Based on the trailer, the documentary shows a more charming, more relaxed — even more likable — version of Romney. Highlights from the teaser include a sad-looking Romney and family the night he lost the election, Mitt referring to himself as “the flipping Mormon” when talking about press coverage, and Mitt saying of his image: “It’s like trying to convince people that Dan Quayle is smart. All right, you’re not going to convince them that Dan Quayle is smart.”

There’s also the classic moment when Romney tries to iron his suit while he is wearing it — something that the Internet has already turned into a gif.

As Romney might say, “Ha ha ha, terrific.”

Watch the trailer:

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