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Originally I was going to answer the 10 best questions from Twitter — but due to the overwhelming response and all great questions, went in chronological order.

1. @420blankman | Is Benson Henderson justified in being angry he isn’t getting a title shot? Yes and no. Yes he beat Josh Thomson who was next in line for title shot, but it was a lackluster performance and split decision. I think Gilbert Melendez is more deserving due to his performance against Diego Sanchez.

2. @MrmakeherSad | When do you think Nick Diaz will be back? Who do you think would match up great against Khabib? I think we’ll see Mr. 209 back this year in summer or winter and his teammate Yancy Medeiros (whose feature is coming this week) would be a great matchup against Khabib.

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3. @nicoo_theGenius | Who do you think Floyd will fight next? I’m guessing Money Mayweather will take an easy route this May against Amir Khan.

4. @darthcoder2 | Do you think Kelvin Gastelum can be a title contender at welterweight later this year or early next year? After interviewing KG in August, I asked him off camera his thoughts on going for the belt. My impression I got was that he wanted to get better and have a gradual progression rather than rush for a shot, which I think he could contend for one day.

5. @ItsDylan | Aldo vs Pettis… Who do you have winning and how? When they were slated to fight last year, I was taking Pettis and am still taking Pettis. I think Pettis is a more dynamic fighter than anyone Aldo has faced in the past and will use angles, rather than staying in front of him like most opponents do.

6. @AidenAllen05 | Do you think GSP will come back to the UFC? Why or why not? I think he will come back. He’s 32, still relatively young for MMA, coming down off his prime, but still top tier.

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7. @WakaCacaGarcia | Who do you have winning in a fight between Velasquez and Jones? Seeing as how I had Alexander Gustafsson winning the fight against “Bones” Jones, Cain would win handily.

8. @chris_novasky | Who do you think has the most underrated striking in the UFC? Me. Just kidding. I would say Demetrious Johnson. Many thought he would win a decision and needed to be worried about Joseph Benavidez’ power, but he ended up putting Benavidez to sleep.

9. @Volfan8404 | Who would you say is the most influential person in MMA that DOESN’T get the credit they deserve? Great question — me. Kidding again. I would honestly say the fans. Without fans here and worldwide, the sport would not have been sanctioned quickly in states like it has, or grown this fast.

10. @TransformerHand | Do you think there is anyone in the HW Division besides JDS who can actually challenge Cain? A couple of months ago I would have said “no,” but after seeing Travis Browne go on a tear and stop Josh Barnetts takedowns and TKO him with elbows; I would say if Browne could stuff Cain, he’d stand somewhat of a chance.

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Bonus Questions: These were two of the most popular questions that came up.

Will Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao ever fight? I feel like a fan on this one, since I swing back and forth. Some days I think they will, other days they won’t. It’s tough to answer, since this fight should have happened five years ago with both fighters in their prime. I think Floyd would take the fight if he knew he would win 100%. Maybe he’s just waiting for PacMan to get little more worn down? Who knows.

Should Anderson Silva come back to MMA after his leg break and who should he fight first? Personally I don’t think Anderson should come back. He’s done enough for the sport, left a legacy, proved himself to be a legend. He’ll be 39 this year, there’s nothing left to prove. It’s like Michael Jordan coming back to play with the Wizards — he should’ve just stay retired as it tarnished his legacy a bit. Now just because I believe he should retire doesn’t mean he will. I talked with his manager Ed Soares and he said Anderson was coming back. I think Vitor Belfort would be an entertaining fight; and seeing how I don’t think Vitor will beat Chris Weidman, rematch between the two would make sense.

Sorry I didn’t get to all your questions, so many great ones, I went in the order they came in!

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