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This should be an interesting week at work for the North Carolina politician who delivered the greatest resignation letter in the history of ever, last Friday. David Waddell, a council member of Indian Trail, NC became every Trekkie’s hero after news broke that his resignation letter was written partly in Lieutenant Worf’s native tongue, Klingon. In it, he announced his last day would be Jan. 31, 2014, among other poignant things.

According to Waddell, he thought it would be funny because the town’s mayor, Michael Alvarez, is known for being a Star Trek fan. But he made sure to include the English translation from — just in case Alvarez’s Klingon was a little rusty. The letter continued in English and went into the details of Waddell’s resignation, which of course, no one outside of the city council cared about.

Klingon, Waddell, resignation

Alvarez was quick to open fire on Waddell. He called the letter childish and embarrassing, when really he should be thanking Waddell for blurring the lines of professionalism and die hard Trekkie. This letter put Indian Trail on the map for everyone living outside of North Carolina. The news even traveled over international waters, landing a spot on Romanian television. Here at home, reporters took the time to indulge their inner Trekkie and revived some fantastic Star Trek puns like:

“Call it a politician boldy going where no one has gone before.” – Huffington Post

“Councilman’s Klingon resignation story turns viral at warp speed.” – Charlotte Observer

“A North Carolina town councilman decided to seek out the final frontier of local politics this week.” – Fox News

While the letter was a stroke of a genius to Star Trek fans, Waddell’s last few weeks at the office are guaranteed to be awkward. In the meantime, Mayor Alvarez needs to lighten up and Waddell should dust off his Star Trek: The Next Generation uniform.

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