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Pharrell Williams released a 24-hour music video of his song, “Happy,” which plays on a loop on The site is specially timed to drop you into the music video according to what time of day you visit the site. So, hypothetically, if you were to visit at noon, you’d see Williams politely disagreeing with co-workers about where to eat lunch; at 3:00 p.m., you’d see Williams chugging a coffee trying to stay alert at work; and at 10 p.m., you’d see him deciding to watch another episode of Dexter on Netflix, even though he knows he should just go to bed early so he doesn’t feel so tired in the middle of the afternoon.

The music superstar realized that in order to make a watchable 24-hour music video, he would not be able to take bathroom breaks during the shoot. “I’m fully committed to being on camera for the full video,” he said, “but I’m only human.” Producers agreed that viewers would not be pleased if they entered the site to find footage of Williams on the john.

Williams found a solution three days before filming began. He collaborated with representatives at Huggies to create adult-sized diapers to wear during the shoot. Why didn’t he just wear Depends line of adult diapers? “Huggies are my favorite because the Buzz Lightyear on the front turns blue if I let loose in there,” said Williams.

It is nearly impossible to tell that the singer is wearing Huggies in the music video, but Williams promised to appear in the company’s next commercial campaign. “These worked great for the video,” he said. “I might just start wearing them all the time.”

You heard it here first. Diapers may be making a comeback. And Pharrell Williams is pretty “happy” about it.

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