Pop bad girl Rihanna has hit the town looking hotter than a chilli pepper in hell with rapper Travis Scott at her side – but don’t rush to assume he’s been sharing her enchilada.

RiRi may have been spotted with Travis in New York on Saturday night by the Mail Online, but she followed it by dropping a c-bomb on Instagram.

She wrote: “OMG why are you still single? – Cos I’m a c**t.”

Her words have been widely interpreted by the likes of Vibe to mean that her clam isn’t getting any action right now.  Meanwhile, the 27-year-old singer has apparently come under fire from veteran music diva Grace Jones.

According to the Daily Mirror, Grace has dismissed the looks of modern singers as a ‘passing phase’ – and adds that Rihanna might not know it, but her body-painting antics are hardly original.

Grace said: “I have been so copied by people who have made fortunes, people assume I am rich. But I did things for excitement, the dare, not money.”

Don’t ya just love a good cat-fight!

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