Taylor’s bum is an incredibly powerful creation. We already knew it’s beauty could discombobulate horny teenage boys and perhaps also secure world peace.

Now, however, Ginger Clam learns that it has blasted a poor dude out of his job. What a naughty little butt it is.

Former Denver DJ, David Mueller, has hit Taylor’s rump with a lawsuit – saying the little peach got him fired.

In his claim, Mueller says he was attending a Taylor gig in 2013 and was invited backstage to meet the star and get a picture with her.

Bizarrely, the DJ dude reportedly later ran into a coworker and bragged that he had his arms around Swift and grabbed her ass during the photo opportunity. Then one of Swift’s security guards accused him of grabbing Taylor’s sweet cheeks and kicked him out of the concert stadium! What a bummer!

Even better, Mueller says he was then kicked out of his job at a country music station because of the assy moment.

An attempt to sue the singer is sure to be an amusing ride. Will Taylor’s ass be called to testify in court? Will it just talk s**t?

Ginger Clam will be in the front row at proceedings to find out.

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