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Since Charlie Sheen’s heartfelt Tweets to Rob Ford turned out to be fake, we decided to call up two of our favorite Celebrity Rehab survivors — Janice Dickinson  and Eric Roberts, both FilmOn Live TV stars LINK — to see if they had any real advice for the Toronto mayor who found out that drugs aren’t all they are cracked up to be.

“Who’s Rob Ford?” Janice asked, as though we made him up as a practical joke.

After we explained why Ford has been the butt of virtually every late night talk show joke for the past two weeks, Dickinson didn’t think twice. “I have nothing snarky to say about that,” she said(!). “He needs to enter into a twelve-step plan immediately; he’s disgracing himself, his family and his reputation.”

We love Janice’s antics as much as any other red-blooded, $3 champagne-chugging Americans, but, Mr. Ford, if Janice Dickinson says you need serious help … you need serious help. The ex-super model recovered from her addiction to sleeping pills through a twelve step program, so the plan to drop you off somewhere in Malibu sounds fairly foolproof.

Roberts worked on kicking his marijuana habit through the same multi-step method and agrees that Ford could benefit. “A twelve-step program would help him earn his dignity back,” said Roberts. “He needs to stop talking and start to put back together the people he’s hurt.”

Did you hear that, Mr. Ford? Two celebrities who made their recoveries from drug addictions on national television both think you need to be in a twelve-step program. And, of course, you know that famous saying: “One smell step for mankind, one giant leap for Canada.” It’s time to start stepping!

Eric, in all of his post-rehabilitation wisdom, had one more thing to add to the topic of Ford’s recovery: “If possible, I would love to play him in the TV movie.”

Well, if a made for TV biopic gets picks this up, you better start eating, Eric! We’re crossing our fingers for a Lifetime Original Movie — Crossing the Ford. Or maybe if they start production in time to have the movie out by the holidays, it can be called I’m No Longer Dreaming of a White Christmas.

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