Nobody is more keen to slate Kanye ‘Taylor Swift makes me pee my pants’ West than Ginger Clam. However, this time, we clap our ginger flaps to an epic move by the little musical magician.

Last year Kanye was approached in the street by an unknown rapper called Cameron Grey. The random rapper begged the superstar for a chance and freestyled in front of him. Kanye seemed to humour the dude, made some polite comments and jumped into a chauffeur driven car.

Ginger Clam presumed that was the end of the story.

However, underestimated the fabulousness of Kanye. It turns out that Grey has now recorded his first album and that Kanye produced it!

The debut release from the new rapper will be called ‘Cocaine Ferrari’ and is set for release any day now.

You can see the original street meet in February 2015 here.

Kanye reportedly met with Grey after the random meet and hooked him up with studio whizz Anthony Kilhoffer.

Maybe we are beginning to understand why Kim loves Kanye after all.

Who can Clam choose to pick on now that Kanye is our hero? Answers on a postcard please to Oprah c/o Seaworld.

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