Another day another celeb’s penis is blasted over social media – this time it’s Justin Bieber’s little fella.

The Ginger Clam HQ were just about getting over Orlando Bloom‘s nob from yesterday, only for Bieber to shock the world but revealing his ugly weapon (again).

Maybe the two should make a movie called, ‘the Sword of the Rings’ – we’d back Bloom all the way.

The Daily Mirror reported that Bieber was skinny dipping in Hawaii, whilst enjoying a break with his rumoured new girlfriend Sahara Ray, who must love a dick if she’s going out with Biebs.

Here’s a snap we found on Twitter from PAPER magazine, @papermagazine: “Not to be out done, Justin Bieber takes back the Vacation Peen King title”
bieber naked

We reckon the black censor is awfully generous.

Two weeners in two days, you lucky devils – have a great weekend Clam lovers.

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