meyers late night

Who will tell him it isn’t an hour-long version of Weekend Update?

I would, but he’s just too adorable when he flashes those dimples.

The Saturday Night Live veteran debuted the first episode of his new gig as host of Late Night with Seth Meyers but left fans feeling awkward as he fidgeted through his monologue. Here are the 4 highlights you might have missed from last night’s show.

Standing seems to be a new thing for Meyers.
The poor guy just couldn’t figure out what to do with his hands. Clasp them together? Keep one in the pocket? Should some fingers touch? He’ll undoubtedly shed the stiff pose once he gets warmed up.

Meyers seemed more at home once he got behind the desk, which is either a great flea-market-find or a steal from an old man who got clubbed by a Late Night production assistant. The rest of the set was pretty casual (ie. low budget), but did the job to keep the laid-back vibe the 12:30am time slot is best for.

8G Band was a big win for the show.
Who better to bounce jokes off of than former SNL pal, Fred Armisen? There’s no way anyone’s in-house band can top The Roots, but this was a wise choice.

Amy Poehler has slowly become the godmother of comedy, showing up wherever she can to support her former SNL co-stars, giving her blessings and probably kissing their babies soon enough. Meyers loosened up after Poehler joined him on stage and thankfully so, or the Biden interview would have made our palms sweaty with awkwardness.

From the looks of it, Meyers just has some first-show-jitters. We’re rooting for you, buddy. Just please stop channeling Ricky Bobby from Talladega Nights and figure out what the hell do with your hands.

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