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Air New Zealand passengers for the last few years have been treated to The Hobbit, Betty White and Bear Grylls. No, I’m not talking about the in-flight films, I’m talking about the airline’s series of inspired safety videos, as they’ve consistently put a creative and memorable spin on the otherwise tedious safety briefing.

This time they’ve done it again, creating what might end up being their most attention-grabbing video yet — at least for one half of the audience. They’ve teamed up with Sports Illustrated to use bikini clad models from its famous Swimsuit Issue to teach you how to fasten your seatbelt while you watch swimsuit models dance around a beach on the Cook Islands. The brace position has never been so much fun.

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Models Chrissy Teigen, Ariel Meredith, Hannah Davis and Jessica Gomes are joined by supermodel legend Christie Brinkley in the airline’s latest video, which celebrates Sports Illustrated’s 50th anniversary. The final video will appear on flights from Tuesday February 11, but in the meantime you can watch some behind the scenes footage below, along with their previous creative twists on the safety video.

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Now just wait for husbands worldwide to start asking their wives if they’ve ever thought about visiting New Zealand…

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If you can’t wait, gratuitous bikini tittilation is always available on Bikini Kitchen, streaming via FilmOn:

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