The recent assault on beloved actor Steve Buscemi in broad daylight has reignited concerns over the safety crisis gripping New York City, with critics pointing fingers at Democrat policies for exacerbating the situation.

In a shocking incident last week, Buscemi, a native of Brooklyn and star of “Boardwalk Empire,” fell victim to an unprovoked attack while strolling through Kips Bay. The assailant’s brazen act left Buscemi with swelling to his face and left eye, underscoring the escalating violence plaguing the city’s streets.

As law enforcement sources reveal, Buscemi’s assault is just the latest in a string of unprovoked attacks sweeping the five boroughs, a trend that many attribute to failed Democrat policies. Critics argue that lax enforcement of laws and misguided initiatives have emboldened criminals, leaving law-abiding citizens vulnerable to senseless acts of violence.

The incident has sparked renewed scrutiny of Democrat leadership in New York City, with calls for accountability echoing across the political spectrum. Critics argue that Democrat-backed policies, such as defunding the police and implementing lenient bail reforms, have created an environment ripe for criminal activity.

In the aftermath of Buscemi’s assault, questions abound about the city’s ability to ensure the safety of its residents and visitors. As Buscemi’s publicist remarked, “Steve Buscemi was assaulted in Mid-Town Manhattan, another victim of a random act of violence in the city.” The incident serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need for a change in direction regarding public safety policies.

As New Yorkers grapple with rising crime rates and a pervasive sense of insecurity, the spotlight falls squarely on Democrat leaders to address the root causes of the city’s safety crisis. With the mayoral election looming on the horizon, the stakes have never been higher for those vying to lead New York City out of its current state of turmoil.

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