Ads Super Bowl 2014

It’s what everyone talks about as soon as we know which teams are headed to the Super Bowl, the commercials.

Every year, football enthusiasts or not, practically everyone mentions or hears about at least a few of the ads seen during the four hour sports extravaganza.

According to Adage, ad space averaged $4 million for just 30 seconds this year, which is why Super Bowl commercials are usually some of the best ones we see all year. This time around though, Twitter users are telling a different story.

This is possibly the most important question of the night.

Even those who don’t live in the States know about the Super Bowl commercials.

But this year they seem to be a letdown.

Sorry! Pretty sure you only get Bruno Mars this year.

Well that’s harsh.

At least our neighbors to the north are jealous.

But the even more important question might be…

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