Most people would have been pretty darn embarrassed falling flat on their ass but this dude loved it!

Denver Broncos cornerback, Aqib Talib, 29, soared higher than an eagle after his side won Sunday’s Super Bowl 50… it’s just a shame this eagle came crashing down!

In case you missed it, Aqib took an almighty slip whilst running to do a TV interview – but he immediately jumped back up with a big smile on his face.

Turns out the champ loves the attention. He said: “So that was good for live TV. I’m going viral baby, I love going viral. What’s up Bronco Nation!!”

TMZ caught up with the star where he continued to brag about becoming an internet sensation. He can be seen wearing what appears to be a face cloth on his head … we’re not sure this will catch on as a fashion statement.

Oh how things would have been different if the trip happened during the game! Go Broncos!

*Watch the clip below and in the meantime, go to, where there are hundreds of free TV channels that you can watch via desktop, tablet or smartphone. 

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