Tonight is Super Bowl night and little baby balls Bieber is crawling out of his playpen and getting ready for action.

The whippersnapper pop star has been photographed boarding his own luxury jet on route to the big event. Bieber will hook up with an incredible list of A-list names – one of the perks of having a final in California.

JB’s pal Rihanna will be part of the half-time celebrations. Lady ‘crackers as a horse’ Gaga will even be singing the national anthem.

Coldplay lead the main musical entertainment, with Beyonce, Bruno Mars and bugger knows who else grabbing the mic at times as well. Who cares about the football?

Ginger Clam is hoping that naughty little Bieber will behave himself with his showbiz chums. If he starts lighting his farts Ginger Clam will spank the bold monkey.

Not that it matters, but apparently the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers are the two teams playing each other. How dull.

E! Has compiled a list of all the celeb action expected from tonight’s event. If you’re a loser you can click here and check it out.

Have fun tonight, Bieber. Snapchat us some selfies of your ding dong.

*Meanwhile, go to, where there are hundreds of free TV channels that you can watch via desktop, tablet or smartphone. 

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