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Every year the big pre-spring event that gets practically everyone talking (insufferably) is Austin, Texas’ SXSW festival.

The music/film/you-name-it event spans weeks in March and promises great entertainment and stories afterwards (you won’t be surprised to hear that alcohol flows almost freely during the entire fest).

As with most things, there’s always both good and bad, which is why we put together a few of the best and worst moments from this year’s SXSW. We’d be shocked if you weren’t jealous that you missed it.


Kelis and her Food Truck

The R&B singer worked hard all week performing, while also running her food truck each day. While the menu consisted of soul food fare, sadly we’re pretty sure no milkshakes were served.

Tyler the Creator Riot

Odd Future MC Tyler the Creator almost incited a riot after he urged and eventually got fans to knock down wooden gates so they could pack into the over-capacity venue for his show. With so many people rushing in and pushing security out of the way, we’re not only surprised no one got seriously hurt but also that Tyler was able to make it to another concert that weekend after being arrested for allegedly inciting a riot.


This sort-of metal band has a name so obnoxious no one can ignore it. The Atlanta trio brings a sound that Spin calls “a visceral, pummeling sound that’s as big on tension and dynamics as physicality,” and for that, we love them.


Commercial use

It seems that ad funding has taken hold of SXSW as attendees were required to sign away their rights for commercial use, according to the LA Times. While we’re not exactly surprised, we’re also disappointed in the festival that is signified by grassroots, indie bands and unknown filmmakers.

Gaga Vomit

Unfortunately, Lady Gaga thought it would be a good idea to have performance artist Millie Brown vomit green and black liquid onto her during the set. While we don’t understand but are totally grossed out over this, Chris Wolverton created a petition on Care2 in light of eating disorder awareness, asking Gaga to stop “glamorizing bulimia.”  (Find the petition here).

Car Accident

A car accident involving a drunk driver who was attempting to elude police killed three attendees and injured twenty-two more. The tragedy took over the festival for the remaining days and will most likely be what this year’s event will be remembered for.

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