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With TV migrating to the Internet, the boundaries of what can be shown are being pushed due to the lack of censorship and the ability to put out content without paying for airtime. The wonderfully vast and weird web is full of surprises, and we’ve managed to select just seven — the tip of the iceberg — to get you started on your strange journey.

Cultra: This channel only plays cult classics. ’70 and ’80s exploitation films, odd horror offerings and more are available on this bizarre channel.
Paranormal TV: This channel specializes in paranormal phenomenon and psychic mysteries. UFOs, Bigfoot and other urban legends are just par for the course when you turn into this channel.
Party Tee Vee: Why go out and party when you can just watch other people doing it? A lot of butt-centric footage here, following sexy, young beach bums from all over the world, dancing and drinking it up on vacation.
BattleCam: Users from all over the world “cam up” to insult each other, complete outrageous challenges and satisfy their exploitative, exhibitionist fantasies. You never know what you’re going to see on BattleCam and if you’re brave, you can join in.
Masked Republic: Non-stop Mexican wrestling. All the antics, all the drama, all the costumes — 24 hours a day. Watch your favorite masked heroes and villains duke it out in the ring.
Chillings: A specialized horror channel that revels in “bizarre” and “brilliant” programming. Heavy on the camp, and runs all year long, even after Halloween has been long gone.
Cooking Everything Outdoors: Well, you guessed it. Gary House teaches you how to cook everything outdoors. He grills, he smokes, he BBQs — non-stop.

All these channels and more are available at

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