The Killer Clown is back and once again he’s brought his evil uncle along on his ongoing mission to scare the crap out of pedestrians.

In case you missed his previous prank videos, the crazy footage stars a dude who pretends to commit gruesome murders in front of passers-by … complete with lots of fake gore and bloody make-up.

The object of the exercise is to see how members of the public react. The latest instalment begins when a random man walks in to public toilet. All but one of the doors are locked (this is obviously planned) and when he opens the available cubicle it looks like there’s been a massacre inside.

The guy panics and tries to flee – only to come face to face with the Killer Clown. The usual chaos follows, this time involving a chainsaw.

Have a look below to see the other crazy things the clown and his uncle get up to (but be warned it features lots of fake blood and guts).  For more crazy clips visit – and if you like free entertainment go to, where there are hundreds of live web TV channels to choose from.


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