Would you kiss a stranger under the mistletoe? Sure it’s a pretty cringe-worthy Christmas tradition, but if you’re single maybe it could be a bulletproof way of ending a dry spell.

In a prank video that’s become a monster-sized hit on social media, a boy and a girl went out to see how effective the mistletoe is in this day and age.  They wanted to catch people by surprise by giving them option to follow the tradition when they least expect it.

Not everything went according to plan – at one point the dude involved gets a nasty slap around the face. But people mostly melted and agreed to pucker their lips – proving that the Christmas spirit is still alive and well.

The prank is quite simple, passers-by are asked if they can spare some time to undertake a Christmas survey. They begin by asking whether their victims are single or not. They then start to ask questions along the lines of “Do you put up Christmas lights?”, “Do you leave out cookies for Santa?” and “Do you drink eggnog?”

Then after they have warmed their victims up a little they ask whether the person would kiss someone underneath the mistletoe. As the question is being answered a mistletoe conveniently appears from the ceiling, leaving them with an awkward choice.

A few embarrassed faces are seen, but to be fair both the guy and the girl conducting the prank get a few smooches laid on them. The result is a video that’s notched up over 26 million plays – so check it out if you haven’t seen it yet.

Watch the prank below, and for more clips go to BattleCam.com – where there are loads of great videos to choose from.

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