Ginger Clam hasn’t been this excited since she hid in George Clooney’s bathroom and watched him do his business. David ‘thick as my wife’ Beckham is holding one of the biggest bashes of the year tonight, celebrating the fact that he’s now an irrelevant old man.

Beck’s pals from around the world are jetting to sunny Morocco to kick off his 40th celebrations.

Meanwhile, the real party of the year is taking place in Las Vegas, where A-listers will gather for the Mayweather vs Pacquiao After Party (click here to find out how you can watch the party for free at

Ginger Clam is yet to spot birthday boy Beckham’s best bud Tom ‘can’t find my wife’ Cruise at the airport, but we did see chef Gordon Ramsay arrive with lots of other D-list Brit stars, Vanessa Feltz and a talking dog.

Liv Tyler was also spotted jetting in from LA, let’s hope she was smuggling her Aerosmith dad in to light up the boring bash with some rocking tunes.

The luxury resort of Amanjena is the location for the party, the same spot where Posh and Becks renewed their wedding vows in 2004. Not that we care.

Victoria has reportedly coughed up £800 for a specially-commissioned cake for her hubby – which is ironic because the wafer thin former Spice Girl hasn’t eaten cake since 1983.

David’s hairline is slowly starting to recede like his footballing talents, the party will celebrate his last year with a decent mane and the stars will be invited to run their fingers through it. His balls are already bald so they will at least match his old head.

Ginger Clam will be bursting out of Dave’s cake (and straight onto his crotch) later this evening. We’ll let you know what he smells like.

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