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With all the hype of Episode VII, even Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott (R) is cashing in on the Star Wars saga, but it’s not how you might expect.

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Most of the time political ads involve scathing remarks and smear campaigns denouncing an opponent. This one is something like that, targeted at Wendy Davis, but it’s so ridiculous we can’t imagine even the most serious conservative Star Wars fan taking it to heart.

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The ad opens up with text in the same scrolling format that has become synonymous with the Star Wars movies. It reads, “A short time ago in a liberal land far, far away…A candidate for Texas governor conspired with Big Government Empire’s sinister agents to expand ObamaCare…Threaten gun rights…Promote higher taxes…And remove freedom from the galaxy.”

The ad then cuts to shots of the red carpet interspersed with text denouncing Davis’ political practices.

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Maybe Abbott thinks he’ll gain voters with his cutting sense of humor. Maybe he just wants to jump on the Star Wars bandwagon. Either way, Abbott’s new ad gave us a good laugh, and will go down in ridiculous political history.

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