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Justin Bieber’s father Jeremy Bieber has admitted that he helped clear the road for the 19-year-old pop star so he could drag race Wed (Jan. 22) with rapper Khali after the boys’ wild partying Wednesday night.

The Biebs was subsequently pulled over, arrested for DUI, resisting arrest without violence, drag racing (in a yellow Lamborghini) and driving on an expired license.

As a result, the press is jumping all over old man Bieber, calling the poor guy Worst. Celebrity Dad. Ever.

But let’s give the dude a break. OK, so he was the one who initially encouraged his Christian-raised child prodigy to get his first tattoo. And we all know where that’s ended up, with nary a spot of bare skin left on the 19-year-old hipster.

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But Jeremy is only 38, so he’s still a bit of a child himself in the grand masculine scheme of things. And his son is making more money and getting more tail than he ever did. That’s gotta hurt.

Besides, Jeremy isn’t the first father in the Hollywood Bad Dads Club.

There is a long list of Fathers Who Don’t Know Best. Miley Cyrus’ hands-off hillbilly dad Billy Ray Cyrus springs instantly to mind. So does Michael Jackson’s cruel and controlling father Joe Jackson, who kept his kid dancing so fast he ended up in an early grave from drug addiction. Michael, who died in 2009, had long accused Joe of beating him when he was a child and left his father out of his will.

Lindsay Lohan’s limelight-loving papa Michael Lohan isn’t exactly father of the year either, setting a pretty bad example with his own philandering and drug use.

Ryan O’Neal told his 14-year-old child star daughter Tatum O’Neal she was fat, and that cocaine could help her lose her baby pudge. She wound up smoking crack and shooting heroin when she grew up. Thanks a pant load, Dad.

And Ryan didn’t exactly mature with age. In 2008, the 67-year-old was busted with his son Redmond, 23; they were both smoking crack. In October 2012, Redmond was released from a year in jail for possession of heroin and a handgun. He continues to stay sober, God bless him.

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In an equally heinous lack of parental judgment, Bruce Jenner has let his two daughters Kenner and Kylie fall prey to the Kurse of the Kardashians. When 18-year-old Kendall exposed her bare breasts on Instagram in November 2013, he wasn’t fazed, telling the press that he was “proud” of her.

Prior to that, Bruce and his two brunette babe offspring flipped off the paparazzi en famile on a golf course. Nice example to set for his daughters.

Macaulay Culkin had a very problematic relationship with his overbearing father/manager Kit Culkin, who was charged with alcoholism, infidelity and physical abuse during the parents’ battle for custody of their talented children.

Hulk Hogan became one of the worst celebrity fathers ever, after photos hit the web a few years ago of him enjoying (a little too much) rubbing sun tan lotion on his daughter Brook’s barely bikinied bum.

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Bobby Brown also made the naughty list for his bad influence on his daughter Bobbi Kristina. After her mother Whitney Houston died from an overdose, Bobbi Kristina has been on shaky terms with her hard-partying father. Recent reports of her drug use may be a warning that she is headed down a well-worn path.

Mitch Winehouse clearly wasn’t paying enough attention to his talented but troubled daughter Amy Winehouse. Or maybe he just didn’t want to rock the boat. The line from her hit song Rehab, “My daddy thinks I’m fine,” came directly from her life. After her first alcohol-related hospital stay — after falling and hitting her head — her father and managers discussed her increasing problems with alcohol. Her father turned a blind eye to the problem and claimed that she was fine and simply had one too many drinks.

Britney Spears’ absentee dad Jamie Spears ignored her mental problems just long enough for her to crash and burn and end up in psych ward. Then he stepped to become conservator of her massive estate. It’s been five years since he took the reins of her multimillions. And he’s not letting go. In Oct. 2013, he asked a judge to increase his compensation for his doing daughter duty from $16,000 to $18,000 a a month, along with the $12,000 he gets for his office space and 2 grand chump change for pocket money.

After Jon Voight told the press that his daughter had “serious mental problems”, a horrified Angelina Jolie didn’t speak to her philandering, absentee father for a decade. They eventually smoothed things over. But he’s still not exactly on her speed dial. He found out about her prophylactic mastectomy last year by reading about it in the news.

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Comparatively speaking, a night of drunken partying and drag racing with your famously spoiled son seems pretty mild, right?

But the irony is that by letting Justin continue to run wild, Jeremy may have permanently damaged his son’s global image and killed his record sales, inadvertently killing the goose that laid the golden egg.


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