So it’s the party pooper World Cup Final for many of us, as Brazil gave into their emotional obsession with their beautiful game and like Narcissus were destroyed by a German team whose rampant 7-1 rout perversely made them even more faceless, and Argentina outlasted a Netherlands that utterly negated THEIR Messi face, due to the fact that Dutch ‘genius’ coach Louis Van Gaal apparently forgot to leave a substitute place open for his WWF goalkeeper sub Tim Krul. The only unpredictable thing in that game was how predictable it turned out to be.

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Thus on Wednesday the 2014 Tournament seems to have been deprived of its ‘Final’ chance at redemption in its quest to be in the argument for best World Cup ever; a tense Germany-Netherlands rematch of a classic forty-year-old Final and probably the best third place game ever, between Brazil and Argentina. Now those third-party fans who always default to Brazil are in the painfully awkward position of rooting either for robot-like Germany, or ‘cute-Maradona’ Lionel Messi and his gang of Argentinian rogues, a victory for whom would intensify this waxing Brazilian nightmare ten-fold, after a third place game tomorrow in which Brazil can only avoid further humiliation by beating a Dutch squad that crossed the Zombie-line at least a couple of games ago.

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If all externals are ignored there is the purely personal challenge for Messi to achieve his own special level of greatness. A tour-de-force performance at the Maracaná, the fútbol cathedral of his country’s hated rivals, and against the Germans as well, who defeated his nation at their last World Cup Finals meeting in 1990, would widely be accepted by many to be such an achievement. However, in a nation whose tolerance for horror is already being tested to the breaking point, this along with ongoing gloating by Argentinian fans and media (already two Argentinian reporters have suffered bizarre traffic deaths) may be one cut too many, and with FIFA Pesident Sepp Blatter, Brazilian President Dilma Rouseff and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin (whose nation is to host the next World Cup, despite protests) scheduled to be in attendance at the Final, the story of the tournament may cease to be what is happening on the pitch. Of course, there is the further opportunity (or hope) for the Brazilian people to display the resilience of their renowned inner joy and just let it go. Hopefully they won’t reflect much on the fact that they’ll possibly have to go through even worse drudgery in two years with the Olympics.

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