It’s bad enough that the celebrity judges on X Factor have to endure crimes against their ears – listening to thousands of crappy singers before finding a half decent one with a big set of knockers – now, however, it has emerged that they face an even bigger danger.

Ginger Clam can reveal that stars of the UK show are living in fear from a worrying new threat. The burglars who targeted Simon Cowell’s mansion last week may be the same criminals who invaded the property of fellow judge Rita Ora. Media reports in the UK suggest the robberies could both be an ‘inside job’.

Security around the stars connected with the X Factor show has been tightened.

The Sun newspaper claims that Rita Ora has been officially warned that she was hit by a ‘professional gang’ and that they might have had ‘inside help’. Maybe one of the dreadful singers kicked out in the audition process has decided to steal all the judges toothbrushes in revenge.

Ora’s home is just three miles from Cowell’s property. She bought the six-bed luxury mansion in North West London last year for £1.3million.

Ginger Clam had a pyjama party there to celebrate the purchase and toasted marshmallow’s with Rita’s pet beaver.

“She is very shaken and has upped her personal protection and security at her homes,” a friend of Ora told The Sun.

“Of course she’s scared about her safety and the safety of her family. Thankfully, Rita wasn’t home at the time, but a family member was sleeping upstairs so it could have been so much worse if they had been disturbed. They called the police who arrived after 5am after they found out that cash, jewellery and electrical goods had been stolen.”

The big-mouth friend continued:

“The police have told Rita she needs to look seriously into the possibility that this was an inside job and could be connected to a number of burglaries in the area, including the one at Simon’s house.”

The X Factor show has suffered disappointing ratings in the UK this year and these latest developments will cast a further shadow over the production. Plus, Simon Cowell still has a haircut that only Donald Trump can fully understand.

The police issued a statement about the burglary at Rita Ora’s property:

“Police in Brent were called to an address at 5.54 on Saturday, November 28, to reports of a burglary. An investigation is under way. No arrests have been made.”

How exciting.

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